Monday, December 06, 2010

33 Weeks and Counting

Saturday marked 33 weeks! I can't believe we have made it here without much drama. At this point with the girls I had been to the hospital a few times for monitoring, gone into early labor, spent a weekend trying to have the labor stopped and then being sent home to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy on bed rest. So we are doing pretty good compared! Also, with the girls I was pretty dang big. At 30 weeks I was measuring 36 weeks. Now I am 33 weeks and showing 36 weeks. So I think I will take 3 extra weeks of growth over 6 weeks. Although I am getting pretty uncomfortable, it is no wonder. Really everything is looking good. Knock on wood my blood pressure went down and has remained down, not exactly sure what caused that little spike a few weeks ago, but whatever it was I have been able to manage it by not eating fast food, boo and drinking lots of water and getting rest. My doctor has said we need to hold out hope that we can make it past Christmas. She said I really need to get to 36 weeks, which would be Christmas Day. So of course my goal was to get through Christmas anyway. It wouldn't be very good if Santa was in the hospital so that is what we are crossing our fingers for. I am taking it easy the next few weeks, at least that is the plan and trying to keep the bun baking. All in all I am healthy and baby looks healthy and we are just trekking along enjoying the holidays and the girls who are absolutely loving that it is Christmas time. The Elf on the shelf returned and he has been helping them count down the days to Christmas by bringing them little surprises each morning instead of us doing an advent calendar. We have one that counts down the days, but he brings little treats as well. The Elf has also helped keep their behavior in check, which has been really nice! They have truly become little helpers though and will do things without being asked. Like clearing their places when they are done eating or picking up without being asked. We still have some battles, but they are really coming into their own and are becoming very independent and helpful. More to come later as well as a belly picture!