Monday, March 20, 2006

It's Like Living With Rodents Or Some Other Supernatural!

Sometimes I am forced to wonder if our cats are truly cats or something super natural or even part rodent. This past weekend I walked into the laundry room to get something only to find the bag of cat food that was sitting on the floor open. It was a brand new bag so I turned around and asked Tom why he had opened it, since there was already a bag open that needed to be finished. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "I didn't open it!" At that point I just starting laughing because we both realized that ChaChi had gone in there and chewed it open and had been eating straight out of the wasn't like he was unfed, his food bowl was sitting next to the bag completely full. I couldn't believe it, but it shouldn't have surprised me. This is the same cat who everyday moves the water tray and water feeder because he likes to drink from the right side, not the left and the very same cat, who has figured out how to open the desk drawer in Tom's office, was able to crawl into the back somehow and drag out an entire bag of rubberbands that he once saw Tom hide in the very back. The day I came home and saw the entire bag sitting in the middle of the living room, was certainly a shock, but I still had to laugh. These cats are certainly determined, when they want something they will find everyway possible to get it. I never would have thought that living with two cats, could be so interesting. I thought they would just lounge around, lay in the sun and take cat naps. I never thought we would have to cat proof our house, but it looks like we do. If nothing else, at least they give us a laugh every now and again!