Friday, March 31, 2006

The Comedy of Daylight Savings

This Sunday for the first time in Indiana's history or at least for a very long time, Indiana will participate in Daylight Savings. We will be joining the East coast time, something I am very happy about. Never again will I have to remember if we are on the same time zone as my parents or my high school friends and in the fall it will be nice to have that extra hour of sleep. This whole transistion for me has been no big deal, but let me tell you something, for some people in this state who have never participated before, one would think that the end of the world is on its way. It is pretty comical if you ask me. There have been articles about how there will be more car accidents because people are going to be tired driving into work on Monday...never mind the fact that this time change occurs on Sunday morning, so if people go to bed at their usual time they won't actually lose any sleep. Oh, and the fact that the governor gave the taverns and bars an extension for this weekend to remain open until 4:00 am instead of the usual 3:00 am, so that they do not lose business because the NCAA Final Four is in town. I mean the governor gave an actual repreave over 1 hour, so the state doesn't lose an estimated quarter of a million dollars. This is not the end of the world people. It is simply ONE HOUR, just one measly hour. The rest of the country does it, except Hawaii and Arizona and look the world hasn't come to an end yet, so everyone just sit back relax and wait for fall when you get your hour back. Now I am not writing this to offend anyone and I understand that change is hard for some, but it really will be okay and life in a day or two after you lose that hour will go on as if it had never happened. So enjoy the extra daylight when you get home from work and do something nice for yourself!