Thursday, March 16, 2006


Well we are back from our short trip to the Bahamas. It was, shall we say fun, but not what I expected. For some reason I though of the Bahamas as a totally beautiful Island, everywhere, not just at the resort we stayed at, but that was not the case. Yes, I understand that they were hit by a huge hurrican a while back, but at the same time portions looked like a third world country, which was a little shocking. But it was fun to say the least, get some rays and just lay around reading, not having a care in the world for 4 days, it was fabulous.
What was surprising, however, was that there on the Beach on Grand Bahama Island, I ran into one of my sorority sister's who I had not seen since I graduated back in 2002. It was so bizarre, we both kind of looked at each other as the recognition dawned on us who we were starring at. It turns out that she works for the Ministry of Tourism for the Bahamas, and had actually hired the company that hired my husband to come to the island. You never want to believe that people really are seperated by only six people in the world, but as more and more time passes and the world becomes smaller, you can't help but wonder is it really true...are there really only six degrees of seperation?