Thursday, October 12, 2006

Heating Pads and Dads

I have discovered this week that small comforts really are a blessing in getting through bed rest and the end of pregnancy! This week my dad came to stay with us and help around the house and cook for me, which has been fabulous since Tom has had to work late a lot and I haven't eaten this well in ages. When you can only stand for like 5 minutes at a time your meal options are limited so it has been great to have hot home made meals and desserts all week and having company all day just someone to talk to has made this last week of bed rest fly by. I cannot believe that it is Thursday already and I only have one more day of confinement. My other small luxury I have discovered are the ThermaCare heating pads. My mother in law bought me some when my wrist was acting up with carpal tunnel a long time ago, but I have discovered this week they are great to put on your back and sleep with them. My hips and back have been hurting so bad it is a really nice sleeping companion which I highly recommend! So I guess the morale of this post is...if someone offers you help TAKE IT and don't take your parents for granted :-)