Monday, October 23, 2006

Hormones, Hospitals and Poopy Diapers

Well the girls have arrived and it has been a world wind on emotion, pain and exhaustion. They are not home yet, but we are enjoying the education at the hospital from the nurses. I have discovered that the key to a pleasant hospital stay is the hospital itself. The staff and hospital...Clarian North have been wonderful. My nurses at the delivery were great and really made me feel more relaxed and comfortable. Then the postpartum nurses were fabulous as well. On top of all that we have discovered that this hospital really works with families to ensure they have everything they need. They have family rooms that families can stay in for free if for instance their kids are in the NICU or pediatrics like ours, this is what we did Friday to be near the girls. Then they also provide meals free of charge for all breastfeeding mothers if their kids are in the hospital so I can eat for free while I am here staying here with the girls. It really has been a pleasurable experience as far as hospital stays go.
Oh did I mention, however, the way your hormones get messed up once you have the baby? Yeah, i cannot even look at pictures of our girls without crying. Tom put together this really cute little slide show of the girls and I watched 2 seconds of it and started crying...I didn't know why but we both started laughing about is crazy.
And then there are the poopy diapers. Natalie has fallen out of 2 diapers today and the last one was full of poop...yes it was everywhere, in the clothes, the bed all was pretty gross, but even with all this craziness I love my babies and they are fabulous!