Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stretched to the Max

Well we are getting down to the wire before these girlies enter the world and I tell you it is a good thing, because my body is stretched to the max. I have developed UGLY stretch marks and not just on my stomach...did you know you can get them on your hips as well...oh yeah you can and never mind the fact that my skin is so stretched that it itches all of the time and I have little rashes on my legs and my arms too. And don't forget the belly button...it is stretched but hasn't poked out yet. I am hoping it will hold out just a little longer...we have about less than 2 weeks and I just hope it doesn't pop, stretch all you want I say but don't pop, please don't pop.
As I sit here confined to my bed I truly wonder how anyone could think that being pregnant is a fun or actually enjoy because I have not had many positives from the morning sickness, to the blemishes all over my face and chest to the recent stretching, but I know in the end it will be worth it and for that I cannot wait!