Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Decreased movement say what?

So from everything I have read about babies all the books say that after 32 weeks there is a decrease in fetal movement...well the movements aren't as strong because the baby runs out of room. Well let me tell you...I don't know if the writers of these books have ever been pregnant or not, but I feel like my babies are beating me up. One of them makes such big movements I get the wind knocked out of me sometimes and it can be quit painful...even their little hiccups seem to be stronger, it is amazing really. I really feel like all the books out there don't know what they are talking about. Some are okay, but I have yet to find a book that truly tells you about the truth to carrying multiples and what you should really expect. I mean none of the books tell you what happens when you actually DO go into preterm labor and have to go to the hospital and be put on magnesium...possibly the worst drug in the world or how humbling pregnancy is because when you are in the hospital you have to rely on people to help you do the simplest things like go to the bathroom...not fun let me tell you. I wish I had the ambition to write a book titled the truth to carrying multiples because there is a lot I have learned that I wish I did not have to experience first hand, but could have read about instead...but there was nothing out there that could prepare me for what I have experienced the past couple of weeks from the hospital visits and drugs to the boredom of bed rest...who knows maybe when this is all said and done I will write a book....I guess you never know!