Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Child Called "It"

This past weekend I read a book that I think all parents should have to read, A Child Called "It." It is the story of a little boy who was mentally, physically and emotionally abused by his mother and treated like a slave and animal for years. I know you are probably thinking that this would be a horrible read, but it truly opens your eyes and heart into a little boys world. Thankfully this little boy was a survivor who has gone on to not only write this book so that others can learn from his life, but he is out there helping other children who are in the situation he was once in. I think I read the whole book in a matter of 4 or 5 hours, it was that fast of a read and that good and it really has made me think of what kind of parent I am and want to be in the future to the girls and any other children we have down the road. Obviously the mother in this book went way beyond extreme but it leads one to ponder where punishment ends and abuse starts. I am one to not even want to spank our children so I would never really have an issue with physical abuse or any abuse for that matter, but this book has made me think of how I want to handle any form of punishment, even yelling or raising my voice. It has also lead me to think about what I will say in the future to the girls and see how they might take something, I mean even telling one of them that something they are wearing doesn't look good on them could lead them down an unhealthy path. I would highly recommend this book to anyone out there who hasn't read it and if you have I would love to hear your thoughts on the story.