Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What a way to start the new year

Today has been a day, lets just say I wish it had happened in 2007 so we could move on, but this is how we started the new year. Maddie woke up at 5:15, she has had a cold for about 3 weeks and has been sleeping really weird, sometime sleeping in until 10:00 other times waking between 2 and 6 in the morning, today being an early day. So I brought her into bed and we laid around until 6:30, at this point I was wondering why Tom hadn't come up to shower yet, he usually is showered by this time. So Maddie and I got up and went into our bathroom. I went to turn on the cold water, nothing, Tom's sink, nothing, shower NOTHING...blast our pipes were frozen. So I hauled downstairs to tell Tom, who was having work issues, he is on call this week. So when he was done with that he tried to figure out what was going on. I guess Arbor didn't insulate anything in the garage or where the pipes are in our bathroom...LOVELY. Then I decide I need to take Maddie to the dr. since she has a weird cough and as an afterthought I have them check Natalie. Well, go figure but both girls have ear infections and it is freezing out so we have to run to Target and get them medicine. Finally around 1:00 this afternoon after Tom's dad brought us a heater for the garage the pipes break up and we have water again. Now Tom and his dad have to insulate the garage tonight so it doesn't happen again. Ah, to say the least we are glad it is 2008 but this was not a pleasant way to start the year off. My continual fear all day has been that the pipes will burst and we will be flooded again...I couldn't relive that!