Monday, January 21, 2008


Since moving into our new house we have been able to enjoy many freedoms and luxuries we did not have at the apartment. I love being able to run out to the mailbox or have packages left on my doorstep. Having a garage again has been amazing and being able to just walk out the door and take a walk is great. Then there is the wonderfulness, is that a word?, of nature. The sun shines in the windows and I have been able to put up my rainbow maker in the living room. It is a glass ball thing that when the sun strikes it, it creates rainbows, the girls and I all love it. We have put up a bird feeder and we hope that soon the birds will find it, because the girls will love it if they do and we have witnessed not only a fox trotting down the path behind our house and into our yard, but also a coyote. Yes, a coyote, we were very surprised, but it is so cool and I love hearing the girls running to the window saying Kitty Cat, it is pretty darn cute. Above all else though it is nice to see trees again and not other houses, cars or buildings. Ah wildlife and nature, need I say more?!