Sunday, June 22, 2008

All It Takes Is A Picture

I have heard people say before that all it took for them to finally lose the weight was to see a picture of themselves and they knew they had to do something. Today, I had one of those moments and saw one of this pictures. I had been doing really well, losing weight and keeping up with my running for the Mini. After the mini, like always I stopped running. Yes, I had my infected toe and was actually told by my doctor to take some time off, but I haven't gone back. In all I lost about 15 pounds from Thanksgiving to the beginning of May. I have now gained probably half of that back. I walk everyday and I am trying to make sure to get 10,000 steps in, but my eating is out of control. While I was training I was diligent about tracking what I eat and keeping my calories under control. Now, not only am I not tracking what I am eating, I eat everything in sight and I am not running there fore I am not burning what I need to be. I have a friend who said, "why do we always put things off?" Which, who really has the answer to that, but I am no longer putting this off. It is time for me to make a life change, not only for myself, but for Tom and the girls as well. I need to set a good example and eat healthy so that the girls eat well. I also need to have a positive body image so the girls have a positive role model. I do not want them to be 4 or 5 and thinking they are fat or need to lose weight. I don't know how much I will write about my struggles and triumphs, but if it keeps me accountable or I find great ideas or recipes I will share. I know a lot of you want my pumpkin bar recipe, so I will get that out one of these days!
So wish me luck on my life changing endeavor and if you have positive advice or things that have worked for you, I am all ears!