Monday, November 08, 2010

29 week update

Well, we have made it to the 29 week mark! We had a bit of a scare on Friday, but for the moment everything seems to be okay. I had a regular appointment scheduled, which was good because I had had raging headache since Tuesday. I just knew when they took my blood pressure it was going to be elevated, I just was hoping it wasn't. As I suspected it was high for me, but not dangerous. My doctor was worried about pre-clampsia so I had to do a blood test and a 24 hour urine sample test to make sure everything was okay. My doctor certainly freaked me out though, because she said if the blood work came back abnormal I would have to go to the hospital that afternoon for evaluation and possibly to stay until little one is born...that could be 5-6 more weeks if they could keep me pregnant that long. Luckily, the blood work came back fine. This morning I found out I have small traces of protein in my urine, but they said it is nothing to raise alarm yet so I am just to take it easy and watch my symptoms. If the headache comes back or I start to swell I am to call them right away. The worst part about this whole situation was that I was totally worried and freaking out about being away from the girls for possibly such a long period of time. It is one thing to be laid up on the couch or in bed, resting and taking it easy because I can still play with the girls and interact and hug them, but at the hospital not so much. I admit I had a mild break down on Friday when I got home from the doctor because it was just almost to much, since my whole thing has been keeping their lives as normal as possible. I am pretty sure mom being in a hospital for weeks does not constitute normal! So, for now, everything is okay and I am going to take it easy and poor Tom is going to have to do more housework than normal, but we want this one  to say inside and for me to stay home! So, other than that everything is still going well. My weight gain is still good, I am sure trying hard on that one and I am measuring at 31 weeks, so there must have been a growth spurt a few weeks ago and the growth has leveled out a little. So my next appointment is in 2 weeks, assuming all goes smoothly this week and we get to have another ultrasound so that will be extra nice to see the little one going into the Thanksgiving holiday. So for now, nothing to exciting to report and lets hope it stays that way!