Friday, November 19, 2010

31 week update with pictures of then and now

31 weeks with the Girls and I still went 4.5 more weeks :-)

31 weeks now.

Well, we have made it to 31 weeks, our goal is to get to 37 or 38. The doctor said she doesn't like 37 weeks and would much prefer 38, but if labor starts then I am done. As long as we get to 35 everything should be pretty good though, with the steroids, the lungs should be developed pretty well, but there are never any guarantees so the longer we bake the better. The crazy news is baby is already big. It is measuring 4 pounds 12 ounces, 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Baby is 3 ounces shy of what Natalie weighed when she was born. She was 4 pounds 15 ounce at 35 weeks 3 days. Here we are at 31 weeks and baby is 4 pounds 12 ounce. When my doctor saw the ultrasound scans and the results she flat out started laughing. Not just a smile, but a full on laugh. Saying, "and you thought that this would be a an easy pregnancy, because you only had one." So looks like I will be big and uncomfortable at the end, but hey the health is all that matters right? Baby is measuring in the 97th percentile, so that is a change for us, when Natalie is still struggling in the 4th percentile 4 years later, but again health is all that matters. Other good news is that my placenta moved up so that isn't an issue anymore. Baby is frank breach, which explains why it feels like my bladder is being tap danced on all the time and why my stomach feels hard sometimes, because the head is way up by my ribs. The pain under my rib has also been a little hand punching me or pushing on the ribs. Already there isn't much room for the little one to turn over, so I reckon it is good that we are already having a c-section, because I don't have to worry whether or not baby will flip and be in the right position for delivery, it simply doesn't matter. So overall we have a big one, but a healthy one and we are excited to welcome it into our lives hopefully after Christmas!