Friday, November 12, 2010

I Love Christmas, but Really?!

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. I absolutely love everything about it. The music, the decorations, the trees, cookies, all of it. But, there is a time and a place for Christmas and that does not start the day after Halloween. I get that the economy is in the popper so Christmas commercials are to be expected on TV, displays in the stores typical, but individuals who have all their decorations out, not really okay. There is a house in the adjoining neighborhood that has their garland around their door with lights on, you can see one going up their banister and they have their tree in the window...really?! Then there is another house that has candy canes up the walk and lights on their outside trees. Finally, the kicker, there is another house that has icicle lights around the house, a Turkey hanging on the door that says Happy Thanksgiving and pumpkins on their porch. Three holidays in one...I think not. Again, I must say I love Christmas, but really is it okay to skip over Thanksgiving like it doesn't even exist? Shouldn't we still be giving thanks and spending time with family. Do you really need to put up all your Christmas stuff two months in advance? Our tree will go up the weekend after Thanksgiving like it always does, as will the other decorations inside and out. We will celebrate Thanksgiving with family and we will give thanks. I wish others could remember to be thankful and not go totally crazy the day after Halloween. Remember folks there is another holiday in there between the two!