Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The honeymoon is definitely over!

They, as in researchers, book writers and other people, say that the second trimester of a pregnancy is the honeymoon period. You aren't so big that you are really uncomfortable, you don't have to use the bathroom as much, because the baby has moved off your bladder and isn't so big that it is constantly sitting directly on it, morning sickness is over etc. Then enter the third trimester, for me the honeymoon is definitely over. I have reverted back to the first trimester again. I have morning sickness, can you believe it, I wake up nauseous and have been experiencing actually getting sick. My aches are more apparent, I am clumsy, forgetful and using the restroom constantly, especially at night. All of these annoyance I can deal with better than others, aches, okay, you can stretch, see a chiropractor, take Tylenol if they are horrible and rest. Bathroom, annoying yes, but you can still function. It is the morning sickness all over again that is really driving me crazy. I wake up more nauseous now than I did in the first trimester. I usually would feel bad after eating in the first trimester, but now I can lay there in the morning and just feel yucky and know that it is going to be an interesting morning. Alas though life goes on and I know in a about two months it will all be over and worth it, but boy o boy I hope I find the strength to push through the morning sickness or that it passes and I go back to the "honeymoon" period, because honestly, this is rough and just when you think you are done you go back in time. Two steps forward and one step back I guess.