Thursday, November 04, 2010

No Sick Days

I must preface this post by saying that I love my "job" as a stay at home mom and I never want any other job, ever! With that said, I must say that there are no sick days when you are a stay at home parent. If you work out of the house and you are sick you take the day off and stay in bed. When your job is to stay home you have to keep "working" and somehow make it through the day. For the past three days I have had a headache from hell. It started on the left side as a migraine on Tuesday my medicine wouldn't touch it. Moved to a migraine on the right side yesterday, again nothing would touch it and today it is again on the right side, mild migraine with the mixings of sinus stuff. Not sure what is going on, that is for sure. I went to the chiropractor and she cracked and pulled and did all sorts of things that broke up some of the tension I was carrying in my shoulders and neck, which helped a little, but the dull ache behind the eye is still there. I would love to curl up in bed and sleep, but you can't do that when you have two, four year olds who don't understand mommy doesn't feel well and they want to keep on moving. I will admit on days when I am just not feeling up to par there is more tv watching going on than I like, but I am okay with that if they are happy and safe. Today I pulled out the craft bucket and they have been practicing cutting. Lets just say, the hubs is going to have a nice paper mess to clean up when he gets home, but again they are at least learning and having fun. They have "cut" out dinosaurs, turtles, a cheetah, hair and various other animals. But again things can't be that simple. Maddie chose today to have an accident, lets see, last accident she had was over 6 months ago, so today would be a good day for that right?! At least she was in the bathroom, which I admit did need to be cleaned, but still, when your head is throbbing the last thing you want to be doing is getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing urine off the floor. (She waited to long and couldn't get her pants off fast enough) but we have almost made it to "rest" time which means I get at least an hour and a half where they are in their room either reading or sleeping and I can surround myself with ice packs and lay down myself. It is days like today when I have small goals, after breakfast it is make it to lunch, then make it to rest time and finally just make it until Tom gets home. At this point I will retire to my room and again ice and try to relax.  So, so far today we have made it through goals one and two and goal three is mere minutes away and at this point we can basically consider the day a success and hope that tomorrow the headache is gone and we can go back to loving staying home!