Thursday, April 19, 2007


Our apartment is infested with ants. It really is gross and annoying. I don't so much mind them if they stay to one place, but I feel like once we kill them in one area they appear in another. It all started in the kitchen, then they were by the couch... very odd if you ask me. Then randomly in the middle of the floor by the washer and dryer area, just in the middle of the hall. Then by the front door and again today in the kitchen. We have set up those ant traps everywhere and we have been spraying, but it is not helping. Yesterday I opened my book in class and low and behold there was an had traveled all the way to the University of Indianapolis with me! Today I bleached the kitchen floor in hopes that that would help get rid of them there and I plan to spray again, if that does not help I am calling in a maintenance request and asking the apartment people to take care of the problem because in all honesty it isn't our problem, but that is what happens when you go from being a homeowner to a renter. You are used to taking care of your own problems and not relying on someone else who in all honesty will probably take their sweet time doing it. So if you want something done right, do it yourself!