Monday, April 09, 2007

The Move

The first move in our journey to the new house took place this weekend. Things went went pretty smoothly even though it was chilly and we weren't totally packed.
One of my good friends an Tom's good buddy and his brother and Tom's parents helped us, we couldn't have done it without them...THANKS Guys!It took a couple hours and a few trips back for Tom and I but it is done now and the house is clean and ready for closing tomorrow. We are so happy to have this chapter over and are ready for the new house, even though we have to wait 4 more months. Apartment life is sure different than living in your own house. Everything seems backwards to the faucets and the door on the fridge, to me they all open in the wrong direction. Then there is getting used to the noises of neighbors, like th people upstairs who sound like they are stomping all over the floor, when in reality they are probably just walking normally. Then there is not having a garage, ugh it is horrible, especially with the girls and having to carry them to the car. We keep saying it is just 4 months, just 4 months and know in the end we will appreciate the new house that much more. So for now we are just trying to settle in, unpack what we need and continueing to get rid of the stuff we don't need but have moved again. Oh and of course there is that always that one thing that you pack that is battery operated and starts to die or in our case the carbon monoxide detector that I packed and that was buried in the back of our storage closet under the stairs that kept beeping. I was in the nursery and I kept hearing it and I asked Tom and he said he would look for whatever it was. Well, wouldn't you know it, it was the carbon detector that was buried in the last box, on the bottom in the very back of the closet...wouldn't you know it, it "needed fresh air" well it is sure getting the air it needs now, sitting outside on the porch because it wouldn't stop beeping. So that is move more to go, ahhh. I am sure there will be more stories though from the land of apartmenthood, so look for them over the next couple of months!