Sunday, April 01, 2007

Our First Moving Accident

Yesterday was a whirlwind of packing and trying to get organized. We have quickly realized that we have entirely to much stuff. We have been separating everything into two categories, the new house and apartment. Yesterday I packed about 10 boxes, none of which said apartment...there for this makes me think, do we really need all this stuff if we can live without it for four months? We are seriously considering having a huge sale once we have moved and are settled because we obviously do not need all this stuff if we can live without it. But on another note, we had our first tragedy yesterday I was taking shelves down in the bathroom, when my biggest bottle of perfume, my cool water fell onto the floor and smashed into a thousand pieces and went everywhere...gone, gone, gone and the smell was AWFUL. I mean that stuff smells great in small doses, but when it is everywhere it was a bit strong. Luckily it has started to disintegrate and isn't as strong today!
We also, signed our lease for our apartment and we are ready to start moving in. We are going to clean the carpets tomorrow so the girls have somewhere clean to crawl, because it is going to happen any day now and then we will start moving stuff, with the big moving day Saturday. We will be happy when things settle down and we can live a little more normally for th next couple of months. So that is the update from the hood for now.