Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Done Deal

It is completely official and a done deal... we have sold our house!!!!!!!!! We are so happy and excited and now even more ready for our house to be complete! Living in an apartment sure isn't all it is cracked up to be, if it is even cracked up. So far since we have moved in, on Saturday, so 4 days ago. I have had to clean the drain in the tub...it was so clogged the drano wouldn't even go down. And get this...soooooo gross there were clothing tags and caulk shoved down it...that is right CLOTHING Tags...who does that. So I dug those out. Then this morning the toilet wouldn't flush and we have ants...now the fridge is making weird noises...ahhhhhh the joys of renting...4 months 4 months...I hope we survive. We are thinking about making a poster to put up to remind ourselves of just how short a time we will be here and we might actually have to in order to make it...wish us luck :-)