Saturday, April 28, 2007


Today I went shopping with my mom and aunt and I was having absolutely no luck finding any jeans that would fit me...much to my disappointment that is for sure. Then on our way out I saw two pairs that looked nice so I said okay I will try them on. Well, they fit and I realized, I am no longer a "teen" and my body at the moment is not that of a "misses" and yes I should be shopping in the women's section where clothes are made for women with curves and who have wider hips because of babies! I think I was in denial or something, but I am glad I found some jeans that are somewhat flattering and look nice, not like I tried to squeeze into someone else's pants. On another good note, I discovered that the look this summer in women's shirts is great for hiding post-baby belly bulge, because the shirts are like empire waist shirts and they are super cute!