Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back to Sqaure One

Today, we decided to continue with "our" house. We have put so much time and emotion into it over the past 4 months that we were having a hard time giving up on it. The builder has promised us that it will be as good as it was or better, so really what is there to fear...haha? We know what there is to fear, but we are going to be very active in the rebuild to ensure that it goes the way we want it, so hopefully everything will be okay. The builder in reality has been pretty great and are "taking care of us" the best they can. Our rent and utilities will be paid until the house is done, they will be paying for the movers and we got money taken off the purchase price as well as a carpet upgrade, so in all we will be getting the house we wanted for less and with better stuff and our energy over the last 4 months won't have been totally wasted. We have gone back and forth, since Monday, on whether this is really what we want and we just can't imagine living or should I say owning any other house and we looked at renting, but that really isn't for us. So for now, this is the option we are going with and we hope in the future it does not turn out to be a bad decision. So for now that is the news and hopefully all goes smoothly from here on out.