Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Monday we had our final walk-thru for the new house and we were so excited. They still needed to clean and build the deck and do a final coat of paint so our foreman asked us to come back yesterday to check it out and make sure everything was in order. When we walked in we expected to everything in ship shape order and to be very pleased, instead we were sorely disappointed and angry. I honestly can say I have almost never been this angry in my life. The painters basically ruined the house. There was paint on the carpet, not only where the trim meet the carpet, but on all the ceramic tile in the bathrooms and the brand new wood floor in the kitchen. Not just little spots either, huge splats and droplets, it was like they just started painting and didn't take any precautions to keep things fresh. Then the trim had drip marks everywhere and there were runs on the wall. To top it off they didn't sand the banister or the railings and just painted them rough, it was ridiculous. Our foreman got a nice little call from me while we were in the house because I/we were so upset. He called back last night and said he would make it right...make it right, he better make it right, we aren't paying an arm and a leg for a brand new house that looks 10 years old, as Tom keeps saying :-)
So now we get to wait and see "how they fix it" all I know is we close in 5 days and it better look brand new or there will be some serious repercussions for that builder.