Monday, July 09, 2007

Travel Times Two

Well, we made it, to Maine and Back and what an adventure it was! We arrived to the airport on time to leave Indy and even though we woke up at a quarter to 4:00 everyone was in good spirits. We checked our bags and headed to security, where we really did not have any problems. Once on the plane things got a little sticky because they would not let Tom and I sit together because there were only 3 oxygen masks on one side and of course we were on the wrong side of the plane. So they had to ask for volunteers to switch seats with us...this was frustrating because for some reason no one would switch and the flight attendants would not take charge. I finally just asked very loudly for someone to switch with us and a nice gentleman did so off we went. This happened on all of our flight, all 4. At least on the last flight the flight attendant took charge and got people to switch quickly. Other than that we had very few problems with the actual traveling part. My bags did get searched on the way home because of all the breast milk I had, but no big deal, they didn't take it! Once in Maine the girls had some small adjustments to make and Maddie refused, all week, to sleep in her portable bed and she slept with me, meaning Tom and I slept apart on our vacation, same room different beds. We felt that getting sleep was more important though! All in all we had a great time and we are looking forward to our next vacation and at least we know what to do and not to do. For instance the girls will each be getting their own seats on the plane, because it will just be more comfortable for everyone involved. That it is okay to be over prepared on in your carry on in case you get stuck somewhere and finally that yes, there are still people out there who will be rude to you because you are traveling with a child, but you just have to shrug it off and laugh at them and not worry about it!