Friday, July 13, 2007

Into Everything

Now that the girls are mobile they have realized their true potential and they are into EVERYTHING!I cannot put them down for a second unless they are corralled in their playpen or strapped into something. I never thought babies could move so fast. The other day I was on the phone and I heard the cat meowing in pain and I looked down and Natalie had somehow gotten out of the play wasn't latched, and had chased the cat down and was holding her tail. Luckily the cat didn't do anything and just meowed for help, but even when I went to get her off the cat Natalie kept pulling as I was lifting her up. They also like the trash can...GROSS and the speaker wires...a huge no no. They also have discovered that they can climb up the front of their little walkers and I am sure in a few weeks I will walk in and find one of them sitting on the couch. But like I keep saying it is all to fun and just watching the two of them standing up together or playing together just pulls at my heart strings! In fact on Monday at our support group Natalie was playing with her little friend Evan and it was too cute because the two of them crawled up to the window and both of them pulled up and they were standing there banging on it together, adorable! So, I guess it is on with the childproofing and constant monitoring to ensure their safety, but boy is it fun!