Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Way to Do It

Last night Tom and I got to go see the new Harry Potter movie and boy was it good. They just keep getting darker and darker, but so do the books. I was very happy with this film, because sometimes when a book is so fabulous the movie can be a disappointment, but once again a job well done. We went to the 5:20 showing and since it was opening day we thought for sure there would be a line so I bought our tickets on Fandango just to be safe. When we got there we were ready to be patient, but we walked right in got our tickets and headed to the theater were there was only 1, yes ONE, other lady sitting there. We were shocked and though for sure it would fill up by the time the movie started, but it didn't and there couldn't have been more than 40 people in the theater. We were both amazed, but it was dinner time, we had popcorn for dinner, so I guess our plan worked. We plan to hopefully see more "high attraction" films like this, because we beat the crowds and got matinee pricing, which saved us $6.00. So in the end it was a great experience and one we highly recommend. Now, only a week to wait for the last book, which I hear there is speculation that she might actually continue writing...this must mean Harry isn't one of the two characters to die!