Monday, September 10, 2007

No, No and Yes, Yes

As the girls get older it is funny on the things that they are picking up on first. Natalie will now shake her head from side to side when you tell her no and sometimes even up and down signifying yes when you tell her no. Other times they will laugh at me like I am crazy for telling them no and try to continue doing whatever it is they shouldn' trying to pull the floor lamp over. Other times they will dance to music and both are trying to walk...a scary thought because they are already crazy fast on their knees. They also both wave bye bye and Natalie waves hello sometimes too. It is pretty cute, because when you take her out of the room she waves bye bye...usually to no one in particular. As they reach their eleventh month I cannot believe how fast time has gone by and I wish I could freeze time right now and enjoy them both at this stage a little longer, before they really start to throw tantrums or can talk back...but you can't so I will just take the memories with me and laugh as we go along.