Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where is our break?

On Monday I came home and checked our mailbox for our mail, only to find two huge yellow pieces of paper in the box. The first one said, "This box is vacant." The second one said, "New Teneant card, please fill out immediately." What the heck I thought, steaming mad...where was our mail? Of course it was after 6:00 and the apartment office and the post office were closed. I called the 800 number on the card and someone actually answered and informed me that I had moved...I thought this comical, because had I moved I think I would have remembered. So I informed her that I had not moved and wanted my mail. She then questioned me again, "you haven't moved?" "No, I have not, please tell me where my mail is." At this point she told me to take my id to the local post office and they would have my mail for the next ten days. The next morning I called the post office to try to sort things out and talked directly to our mail carrier. He informed me that the apartment complex had notified him that we had moved and so he emptied the box and returned our mail, "return to sender." At this point I was livid, because I was expecting several packages and some important checks and other mail. I guaranteed him that I had not moved and to please continue to deliver our mail. I then called the apartment office and was informed that the mail carrier must have read his sheet wrong because they did not have us marked down as moved out or even on notice. I wanted to say well that is good since I NEVER MOVED! Anyway, I thought we had everything straightened out and we have been getting our mail all week. Only to come home to a note in our box today that said, "Stahl Family, Please go to your local post office and cancel your change of address that you placed on 7-24-? with the address to the destroyed house." WHAT, I screamed to myself. Not only did I re-forward our mail back to our apartment as the post office requested, but I paid the fee to have it done and now two months later they are telling us to cancel a change order...come on get with it...I am quickly losing faith in a system that I already questioned a is hoping we can get everything straightened out and when we really do move in the future our mail goes with us. I guess this might be why our new checks never reached us...lost in the limbo land of the United States Postal Servcie.