Thursday, September 27, 2007

To Cute for Words

I have decided, just when I think my kids can't get any cuter, they do. The cutest thing yet is Natalie with her pacifier in one hand and her pink bunny blanket in the other hand trying to walk. It really is adorable. She has taken 13 steps in a row and is trying all the time to stand and walk. Maddie has shown no signs of wanting to walk without help. She loves to hold hands and walk or to push her little cart around, she basically runs. We are pretty sure that by their birthday in a few weeks Natalie will be running and Maddie will be on her this point I am going to be in trouble to say the least, but it is so much fun and way to cute so I will just deal with having gates up to keep everyone safe!
In other news I am in Ohio again for a few weeks, for the girl's first first birthday party...we are having 2 so all the relatives can celebrate with us. I can't wait to see the mess they make with their cakes...should be pretty fun! Also, thank you to Maya, (laurentfiles) for giving me the nice award...that was very "nice" of you...I hope to pass it along in the next few days!
So hopefully we will have more fun stories from our journey or maybe someone will be running soon.