Saturday, December 23, 2006

Collars and Princess'

So lately I have been pondering baby clothes and what the makers are thinking when they assemble little outfits for newborns and infants. First off why put collars on newborn clothing. They have no necks so the collars swallow them up and make it look like they are suffocating, then when you try to put a bib on the child looks even more like it is being suffocated. Then, I am all for cute little girl clothes, but why does almost everything say precious or princess or I love mommy on it? They are adorable clothes, but it is almost like we are ingraining from the start that girls are princess and should be treated that way. It is all very odd to me and I love all the clothes but I just find it a little ironic that is all. Yes, I know a random post, but I just noticed all this as I was cleaning out the girls drawers, they are growing out of some of their outfits and we have had to upgrade and retire!