Friday, December 29, 2006

We have finally joined the ranks

Well, it has taken us long enough, but we have finally joined the ranks of DVR owners. For over a year now I have been wanting a DVR, but we never got one...I guess we thought it was silly or something. Now mind you we never used the VCR, we just missed shows or actually still had people tape them for us, but last night I did it, I made the jump went to Best Buy and bought the DVR. I have felt like a slacking mom, because I know I should be in the nursery doing the last feeding with the lights dim and lullaby's on, but the girls always go to bed right when "my shows" are on and I don't want to miss them. Well, now I don't have to and I am so excited, now I can have the best of both worlds :-) It was really cute last night, Tom got really excited when we started messing around with it since you can pause and rewind live TV, it is really really cool. So it is official, the VCR that has sat in the closet for 2 years now is going bye bye and we can finally say we are officially in the 21st century, ha ha!