Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ironies of Life

Lately I have realized that there are many ironies in life. Many of these have been brought about by my kids. It really is funny what is acceptable as a child, but is frowned upon as an adult. For instance babies are told they are good for burping or passing gas, but in adulthood this is seen as uncouth and disgusting. When a baby snores it is the cutest thing in the world, but when your husband or wife snores, it is just simply annoying. Even the babies passing of gas is cute, because you can't believe something so small can produce something so loud. Eating every hour or too is encouraged as a child, but not as an adult. Changing your outfit more than twice a day is okay as well, even though it will create monsterous amounts of laundry for your parents. It really is funny what starts out being acceptable and encouraged but later is totally frowned on by society. When do these things turn from good behavior to bad behavior? Anyway, this is just an observation I had lately!