Monday, November 26, 2007


As we get close to closing on our house, again, we are just 11 days away. There is so much anticipation, nervousness and the daunting fact that we have to pack again. Last time at this time we were pretty much ready to go minus the few everyday things we use, but this time neither Tom nor I seem to be in any big hurry to get things packed up. I think it is that lingering feeling that something will go wrong again and we won't close. We haven't let ourselves get excited so there won't be any disappointment should it fall through. The chances are so slim that something will go wrong, but we just have no faith we are emotionally and mentally exhausted. So I begrudgingly will start to pack this week and as we get closer to next Friday I will pack more day by day, hoping we actually get to move this time. I know Tom and I won't sleep well Thursday night and until we have that key in our hand and we have changed the locks we will not be totally happy and here is to hoping the next 11 days pass quickly and that we get an early Christmas miracle and actually get to move.