Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Toddler Land

We have officially, officially entered toddler land. The girls hardly ever crawl anymore and walk everywhere. They are even almost to the point of being able to run. It is pretty dang cute, but hard to keep up with at the same time. Especially when they go in opposite directions. We have started to have to practice no, no, no to about everything, especially to my parent's wood burning stove. They are facinated with the dancing flames and keep wanting to touch it, but we just keep saying no and hot, hot and blowing, which is the sign language for hot. We are also starting more sign language and they seem to understand it so much better now. I think we were a little ambitious when we started, but now Maddie always does the sign for milk. Especially when I ask if they want to eat she will do the sign for milk, and Natalie does the actual sign for eat. One day she, Natalie, was standing there doing the sign to eat and I asked if she was hungry and she kept doing it and then ran to the gate and kept trying to get out to her high chair. It was pretty cute, but then again pretty much everything they do these days is cute. Natalie loves my dad and just follows him around, curious about everything he is doing. Maddie will watch, but usually from a distance. All I know is toddler land is a lot different than the infant stage, but it is more fun too, even though we are super active.