Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank Goodness

Yesterday the girls and I drove to Ohio to stay for the week. It rained the whole way and I was really hoping that they would sleep the whole way so I wouldn't have to stop to feed them, but no such luck. Thank goodness though for Steak n Shake's Drive Thru and I can't believe I am going to say this, but my mini van as well! There was no way I was going to get all 3 of us out of the car, we would have been soaked. So I kept my eye's open for a Steak n Shake and found one just outside of Columbus. Went through the drive thru, got the girls a grilled cheese, parked, hopped into the back of the van and fed the girls. Then changed them really quick and we were off. I just kept thinking, there is no way I could have just done that in another vehicle, ah thank you mini van. So even though I still cannot believe I drive one, it has come in very handy and I think I like it!