Monday, November 19, 2007

Going Green

Last week the girls and I were in Ohio, I feel like a lot went on, but none of it was extremely interesting, so instead I am going to write a post about some new grocery bags I ordered and cannot wait to use. They are called envirosax, and they are an economical, fashionable, green way to do your shopping. I am just to sick of all the plastic bags we get weekly and I wanted something that would help the environment. I feel like the baggers today were trained to put as few items in a bag as possible, for instance one thing of deodorant went into a bag alone today and I almost lost it, so when I got home I did some research and ordered the new bags. Now the goal is to remember to take them in when I do my shopping. Some other bags I found that I may also get down the road are baggubags,, they come in a variety of colors and if the envirosax work out well then I might add to my collection with the baggu. Both of these sets of bags can also be purchased at If you end up getting these or know of any other re-usable bags let me know!