Friday, November 09, 2007

Week One: Down

Well, I survived my first Starbucks free week. I am very proud of myself and ready for my first Friday Treat! I also joined the Biggest Loser online club, to help me get control of my weight and poor eating habits. It has truly been great. It has an extensive meal planner that plans everything down to your snacks and you can swap out meals if you don't like what they have planned for you. It caters to no red meat diets and vegetarians as well. Then it allows you to track your food intake, calories, fat, etc. as well as your exercise...which it also sets up a plan for you as well depending on your goals that you enter when you register. At first I was a little skeptical, and didn't think that I would be able to handle the eating, but it really hasn't been that bad and you can still eat things like peanut butter and jelly for lunch or grilled cheese. Basically it restricts you calorie intake to around 1200-1300, well for me at least, I am sure others are different. But it really makes you aware of what you are and have been eating and how full you actually can be if you eat smaller meals throughout the day that are healthier. So week one of BLC and Starbucks are complete and I must say I am feeling much better! If you would like more info on the BLC go to their website: Biggest Loser Club and good luck.