Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dodged a Bullet

Today we went over to the new house to look around and see how things are progressing. I find that as each day we get closer to close date the more I get excited, even though I don't want to, just out of fear from the last time. When we got there we were ready to go get the key from the sales rep, but of course the garage wasn't locked. All the cabinets, counters and doors were in there as well...why is it so hard to lock the door. Anyway, we looked around and Maddie and I finished quicker than Tom and Natalie so we headed over to our old house to see its progress. We looked in some windows and then tried the garage, it was open so we went in. The house still isn't totally finished, over 4 months later, the door aren't hung and all the fixtures still weren't up. What was finished though was done horribly! They had taken out the wood floor to fix stuff and put the exact same floor back may be asking how we know this, well, there was a big scratch in our old floor and low and behold, that same scratch was still there, in the same spot. Also, the counter and snack bar were not connected properly and either the entire wall had bowed or they put the old cabinets and counter back in and it had bowed, because there was at least a two inch gap between the back splash and the looked awful. Finally the floor was all squeaky. As we looked at all this we just started laughing at how we really dodged a bullet on that house, and it is no wonder that it hasn't sold yet. Who in their right mind would be a house that has a 2 inch gap between a wall and a counter and who reuses a floor, who knows what else they reused. They claim they are disclosing that there was water damage, but the house has been listed a lot higher than we were originally going to purchase it for and it is way worse ship. I pity the fool who buys it, but thank goodness we had the sense to move on!