Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I think I am going to do it, but when is the queston!

A few days ago I was watching Oprah, something I don't do that often, honestly! Hilary Swank was on and she had Oprah cut her hair really short so that she could donate it so they could make wigs for women who are battling cancer. I have been thinking a lot about cutting my hair or not cutting my hair, but after watching the show I think I might take the plunge, cut my hair short again and donate it. You need 8 inches in order to donate, so I don't know if I am there just yet, I don't want super, super short hair, so we will see. I also hope that I am brave enough to take this plunge. I have had short hair before and I always get so sad afterwards, but maybe if I know my hair is going to a good cause it won't be so bad. If you are interested in donating or know someone else who might, you can get more information at Pantene's Website If I take the plunge then I will post before and after pictures, but it might be awhile...I still need to measure my hair to see how much I would have left if I did it now and I am not sure about the winter cold and very little hair. So we shall see, but I know in the end it would be totally worth it.