Friday, November 02, 2007

To Funny To Wait

I know this is my second post for the day, but this was to funny, at least to me to wait to write about it.
Ever since I have lived here my uncle and I have had a big rivarly, going on. He lives in Massachusetts and obviously is a HUGE Patriots fan. Well, every time the Colts play the Patriots I expect some kind of razing from him. I thought it was kind of weird that I hadn't heard from him, but them he called to day. He was laughing when he called and he said, "I didn't realize your phone number changed when you moved. I have been calling you for weeks, saying how sad it is that you live in Indianapolis, and wouldn't it be great if you lived in Boston and the Colts suck." (He also had been telling my aunt that he thought I must have been in a really bad mood or was just being, a you know what.) I was like okay, where did you leave these messages. He goes, "well that is just it, today I called and this little old lady answered the phone, and was told me that no Lauren lived there." Oh, yes, he has been calling some little old lady's phone and leaving nasty Patriots messages on it. Can you believe that. I couldn't stop laughing when he told me this...that poor lady!
So, when we win on Sunday I will be looking for good ideas of how to get him back and welcome all suggestions. Last year we sent him a picture of the girls in Colts gear with a sign that read, "Rub some dirt in it uncle Kirby." So, bring on the ideas after the game on Sunday and GO COLTS!