Monday, June 18, 2007

5 Weeks and Counting

Now that we have our official closing date I have already started the count down. 5 weeks until we officially close...I am so desperate to get out of this horrible apartment I am going to suggest to Tom that we move the girl's cribs ourselves and we can sleep on the floor, just to get out of here! The ants in this place are really starting to get beyond I picked up the toy basket and there were hundreds in there swarming the girls toys and blankets...I was so mad and I had to spend 30 minutes cleaning everything and vacuming the basket and what not. It is not sanitary in my mind. They are coming on Wednesday, the earliest the apt. complex could get someone out here, to spray for them, but that leads me to worry even more about what chemicals they are going to be spraying where my little girls crawl around. I think I can honestly say I am never going to rent again. The amount of money you throw away for one hassle after the next is not worth it. I know I complain a lot about this, but it just floors me to throw money down and have to fix things myself and to live with an ant infestation...YUCK! So 5 more weeks and luckily one of those weeks we will be in Maine, so we only have to live here for 4 more :-)