Thursday, June 28, 2007

Oscar the Grouch

Lately I have been like living with Oscar the Grouch. I go to bed grouchy and wakeup grouchy. I don't know why, maybe it is the recent lack of sleep or the girls constant need for me, but something has been putting me on pins and needles lately and I need a smack or something to get out of it. I am hoping that our vacation in Maine starting this weekend will help me get out of this rut. Honestly I know that I have nothing to be crabby about but I just am. I mean I get to wake up and spend every day with my little girls. I don't have to go to a 9-5 job, don't get me wrong, I work hard at home, but I am my own boss. Soon I will be able to say I live in a nice house, in a nice neighborhood and there is no one to answer to. I just hope that I can get past this and quickly and life through my eyes can be a little nicer...I know Tom would appreciate this :-)