Friday, June 22, 2007

Little Vs. Big

Well, the girls have already started picking on each other. Actually, let me rephrase that, Natalie has started to be really mean to Maddie. She will steal whatever toy Maddie has and even deliberately kicks her and tackles her. At first it was cute, because it looked like they were just wrestling and Maddie would laugh. Now Natalie totally slams Maddie and literally almost holds her head to the ground. Maddie of course starts crying, which breaks my heart. I know they are to young to yell at...what is the point, they don't understand and then that just starts an atmosphere of yelling, which I am not down with, so I try to pick Maddie up and tell Natalie that isn't nice. Only today Maddie fought back...she started trying to bite Natalie's head, good thing she doesn't have teeth yet, but man I am in trouble when she does. I know this is only the begining of their sisterly love fights, but boy it seems like they are starting so young, but so is life I guess and we will all survive!