Friday, June 08, 2007

The Perfect Day

When today started I was thinking, great here we go, another bad day, but instead of being bad it turned out to be the perfect day. Maddie woke up at 4:00, as her usual, she ate and I put her in the swing and she feel asleep again until 7:00. So we played a little until Natalie woke up at 8:00...a good thing since she wouldn't go to bed until after 10:00 last night :-( So we ate breakfast and I started the laundry. When the first load was done I turned on the dryer and it made the worst noise I have ever heard and I thought "great I have at least 4 loads of laundry to do today and the dang dryer is broken" But after a little shake and a cleaning of the lint trap it seems to be working fine. (We are still getting a new one once the house is done...I can't wait all new appliances and Whirlpool's cabrio washer and dryer!) Then the girls actually took a morning nap, over an hour long. So we ate and I loaded them up for our weekly Friday trip to the store. I hate these because of all the gawkers and annoying people who stop me, but I needed to go. So to walmart we headed. Since I had a big shop to do I put Natalie in the snugli and kept Maddie in her carseat. Can you believe it, but I made it through the entire store without a single person saying, "look twins" or stopping me to look at them. It was awesome! Then I got home and unloaded everything before it started to pour. I cannot believe my luck today. I think I am going to buy a lottery ticket, it might be our lucky day tomorrow if we do!