Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pushing the Limits

Today I had to take Maddie to the doctor for an unplanned visit. She has had a rash on her face for about a month and we had been running through the litany of antidotes, lotion for excema, jock itch lotion, etc, all to no avail so I called this morning and they wanted her to come in. It was 9:00 and they wanted us there at 10:00. To a normal person this would seem like no problem, but for me, who was not showered and the girls not dressed it was going to be a challenge. So I dressed the girls really quick put them in the crib to play and jumped in the shower. I surprisingly got ready quickly and was ready to go with enough time to load them into their car seats and head out. Only when I got to the crib there was orange puke everywhere from the breakfast of carrots and Natalie was covered. Maddie luckily was fine so she got strapped in. Somehow I made it to the doctor on time. The appointment went well, only I felt horrible because Maddie has some how gotten ringworm...GROSS! I guess even if a cat doesn't have it they can transmit it, Tom says that is another strike against the cats...I wish we could build them a fortress or something in the basement where they could just live and not be under foot all the time, but I digress. So I have to head to Target to get Maddie's 3 prescriptions after the appointment. Me being the fool I am head into the store without the bottles, knowing full well that it is nap time and they are going to be hungry any minute. Well, I should have known, because there was Maddie, being "that kid" screaming because she was tired and hungry and the bottles were in the car. Luckily the girls love my car keys so I gave her those and we managed to get out of the store without causing to much of a scene. But never again will I push that limit and try to go without a bottle when I know I will need one! Lesson learned, keep the kids away from the cats and always have a bottle on hand :-)