Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well, today I finally lost it. For over 2 months now we have been listening to our upstairs neighbors stomp around and slam their door each and every time they come in and out, and least of all steal the only good parking spot that is the easiest to get the girls in and out of the apartment. That's right I can leave for 5 minutes, literally and when I come back the spot will be gone. Well, tonight was the night I snapped. We were trying to get the girls to go down for the night and the guy just kept going in and out and in and out slamming the door like every 5 minutes. Finally I got up and noticed the door wasn't shut all the way. The next time he came out and slammed it I opened our door and went out. At this point I just asked him if he could please not slam his door every time he went in. I think I really scared him, I don't think he was expecting anyone to jump out like I did, because he just kept saying sorry. It remains to be seen if he will slam the door when he goes back in, but here's hoping he doesn't and here's hoping nothing happens to my van or that he doesn't slam the door even more! Oh well, I guess 5-6 more weeks :-)