Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Teething :-(

Ahhhh, the girls, yes both of them, are teething. I never knew that something so small could turn two little angels, who never make a peep or whine, into clingy, crabby, fussy little things that hang on you and need to be held constantly. Maddie has the first little portion of a little razor poking through and Natalie is a few days behind with all the symptoms that Maddie had over the weekend. It is crazy because I have been saying that they have been teething for months, but in reality all that drooling and sucking on things is NOTHING compared to actual, true, hard core teething, that which we are experiencing this week. I have attempted to comfort the girls the best I can with some homeopathic teething tablets, Tylenol and simple love, but I cannot seem to ease the pain. I have purchased numerous teethers and other things for them to put in their mouths yet they enjoy chomping on their pacifiers the best...haha multipurpose! In the end all I can do is hug them and hope they cut the teeth quickly because I hate seeing them in pain. I have even taken to the dreaded, for me, co-sleeping. I usually end up with Maddie in the guest bed because she just wants to be held. Not a problem just scares me a little, but we seem to have worked things out nicely so everyone is comfortable and safe, but the poor thing just moaned and tossed and turned the other night, it was too sad. In the end it is another milestone, but such a painful one for them that it pains me too...please let this pass quickly!