Monday, June 11, 2007

Roll with it

Today, or this morning I should say has been one of those mornings. Natalie woke up at 5:40 so I got up to feed her. In the process Maddie, who was sleeping in her swing, woke up. So I got her out and she wouldn't let me put her down just kept crying, finally I laid her down to change her on the floor. Well, no sooner had I gotten her diaper off she started peeing. All over me and the floor. Luckily we got these foam tiles for them to play on and it went on those. So I got her cleaned up and on we went. Then after breakfast she had pooped A LOT and I was trying to change her and clean the stuff that was half way up her back when she reached around and grabbed a whole handful before I could stop her and then rubbed it all over her stomach. AHHHHH, so while I am drawing up the bath she goes to the bathroom again all over herself. I am like good thing you are headed to the bath. Then clean out of the tub, Natalie crawls over and pukes on her head....what next. It is 8:30 and we have already done it all..haha, but all you can do is roll with it. Here's to hoping for a better day!