Sunday, May 20, 2007

Adventures in Parenting: Lesson One

Over the last several months I have gotten very sloppy about the contents of my diaper bag and I have been moving to a smaller and smaller bag, thinking I need less and less stuff. Well, yesterday I paid the price and learned a very important lesson: IT IS BETTER TO BE OVER PREPARED, RATHER THAN NOT PREPARED AT ALL. See, yesterday we went for a walk around the new hood and I was taking Maddie out of the stroller, only to find her completely soaked when I picked her up. That would have been fine and dandy had it only been pee, but no such luck, it was poop too, all over...very gross. So there we were with my tiny diaper bag, a few wipes, some diapers and a onesie to put her in, no clothes or shorts or anything to put the dirty diaper in and we were off to the store since we were already out. So the poor thing had to wear only a onesie to the store because of her momma's lack of organization or laziness if you will. So, today when we set out to go look for a couch I was prepared. Back to the big diaper bag with several onesies, extra shorts and tons of wipes and diapers and bags for dirty diapers, hoping we wouldn't have to use it, but ready all the same. After a little while we walk out of one of the stores and Tom says he thinks Maddie needs to be changed and I asked if she was poopy and he said he didn't think so, but that he kept smelling poop somewhere. So I set to change her, taking off her pants, only to find poop ALL over her leg, her pants the onesie, everywhere. It was to much and I just started laughing because I couldn't believe it was happening AGAIN. But, at least this time I was ready and got her cleaned up and dressed and headed out to the next store. The whole ordeal was so much for her she fell right asleep and slept until we got home. So, to all you parents out there, don't get lazy, carry the bigger bag and have everything you might need every time you go out. I used to do this and forever more will do it now!